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My Core Belief is that: We Already Are Successful!
We Just Need To Re-“MIND” Our Self!

janmckHey there Friend! Welcome to! I’m so happy to see you here!

I am Jan Mckingley Hilado or otherwise known as “Janmck” by most people. I’m the young, awesome best-selling author of the book “Rich Real Radical: 40 Lessons from a Magna Cum Laude and a College Drop Out” and founder of The Radical Academy, a self-development and success center for like-minded, purpose driven entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and visionaries

In the last few years, I have gone from being a frustrated, low-income internet entrepreneur, to a highly-paid business and marketing consultant, motivational success speaker, personal-development coach and best-selling author that brings in over 6-7 figures of income every single month, all from doing what I love, using my core-gifts, and becoming a light for inspiration and empowerment in the world.

Now, I’m sharing the stage with the Top Motivational Speakers in The Philippines, the Top Business and Leadership Gurus, Sales & Marketing Experts, Personal Development and Life Coaches. Like Bro. Bo Sanchez, Dean Pax Lapid, Edward Lee, Larry Gamboa, Jomar Hilario, Khoa Bui, Jay Mclean, Sha Nacino, Veni Flores, Lloyd Luna, and more top motivational speakers and entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

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Mentors and Gurus

I’m also sharing my Success Stories, both in my personal and business life through my many public seminars and speaking invitations. I give motivational talks about Life and Business Success, Personal Development, Increasing your Value in the Marketplace, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing, Internet Entrepreneurship, Multiple Income Streams, and Investing.

My audience varies from Students, Professionals, Business People and Entrepreneurs, Sales People and Network Marketers.

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I’ve inspired, motivated, empowered, trained and coached over a thousand individuals already on how to become successful both in their Personal and Business Life, and many of them has seen profound positive results after attending my seminars and training! Here are what other people say about me and my seminars:

What Others Say About Me and My Seminars

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What You Will Get In This Website

In this blog, you’ll find posts and videos to empowering yourself to unlock your True Infinite Potential in creating wealth in all areas of your life – the life you’ve always dreamed of! Not only that, you’ll also find ideas and resources that you can tap into to find your True Purpose and Potential in life by making a difference and contributing your greatest talents and gifts to the world, to others, and to God!

My Life’s Mission is to:

  • Inspire millions of people to awaken their hidden power and potential within…
  • Empower millions of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and visionaries to discover their true purpose, share their unique gifts to the world, and create a fulfilling prosperous life…
  • Unite awakened and enlightened entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries together to co-create a new vision for our planet; bringing more Love, Connection, Prosperity, and Awareness to humanity and the world we live in.
  • To be of Service to many…

If what I’m sharing resonates with you, if you feel a calling deep within your being to step up, lead, and create wealth while making a difference, then please keep reading! We have some magic to create together! So through this website, I want you to experience success in all areas of your life.

My dear friend, I prophesy to you…

Financially, you’ll grow towards freedom and abundance and generosity.
Physically, you’ll grow healthier and happier.
Emotionally, you’ll grow more peaceful and joyful.
Relationally, you’ll grow in love.
Spiritually, you’ll grow closer to God.

That is my prayer for you. :)

Where Do You Start In This Website?

This is a website with a lot of content! But don’t be overwhelmed. Here are 5 ways to get started in this website:

  1. My Story – We all love stories! And one of the ways we learn and grow is through reading stories from successful people. So I took time to write a little about my personal story  with you, about how I went from being insecure, broke, and unhappy, to blossoming into a powerful, creative, and abundant entrepreneur and servant-leader. And I hope it will inspire you to know that you are the creator, the artist of your own life and future. So if you want to read more about my story, you can continue reading by clicking here
  2. Janmck’s Power Posts – You can also go to my Blog Posts to read many FREE articles I’ve written for your personal growth and motivation, divided into several categories. I believe you will be empowered! Click here to start reading my blog posts.
  3. Janmck’s Business Opportunities – You may also check out my Business Opportunities, Success Support Dream Team, and my advocacy to make a difference in others – the Radical Millionaires. Visit to find out more.
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See you inside!

Jan Mckingley Hilado
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