Diamonds In The Living Room? How To Design A Successful Living Room?

Design Home

Diamonds In The Living Room? How To Design A Successful Living Room?

Design Home is an iPhone and iPad app available in the App Store which lets you design rooms within your house, or even with a wide variety of home furnishings. It was inspired by the way many people work in the home, with the “home-away-from-home” feeling that many of us possess after being tied down for eight hours or more at work. Design Home allows you to set up rooms according to your preferences, and gives you the tools to create unique rooms for every room of your home. The app includes a diary where you can log your daily accomplishments and record improvements as you go along, and it also includes handy tips and tricks to make everyday life easier.

Unlike other apps, Design Home is very easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of real-life design principles. You select the furniture, decorations, colors, walls and other in-game items you want in each room, and start assembling. The game prompts you through what to do on each screen as you move items around the room. It’s as if you were actually placing the furniture in your living room to get it looking how you want it to look. If you mess up, the game will give you tips and advice on how to improve your designs until you are satisfied with the end results.

The main challenge of the game is to create the room you have been requested to decorate it as you have been requested to design homes in the past. You will be challenged by challenges as diverse as you can imagine as you move from room to room. The more challenges you successfully complete, the more powerful and rare the items you can collect and the more money you earn. When the time comes to start the challenge, you will need to gather the required amount of furniture, decorations, and other in-game objects in each room before the challenge can begin. The more items you have collected, the easier it becomes to complete the rooms you are asked to complete. However, you must also remember to remove any furniture or decorations that block doorways or otherwise prevent you from moving freely through your home.

A major challenge is decorating the living room of the question. The game prompts you through the layout of your living room, and if you do not follow the layout exactly as it is outlined, the request may be declined. Fortunately, the diamond pattern found in the diamond pattern found on the furniture you place in your living room is very easy to follow. Once you have begun to place the furniture in the layout, there are a few quick challenges you can encounter while decorating the room, such as having to place one diamond in a specific spot, without using another color or filling a square with another color.

To help get started with designing your dream home, the decorating challenges offer a number of free options for choosing furniture, which include butterflies and flowers, diamonds, and multi-colored dots. To really allow you to create a beautiful home design, there are also fifteen different color schemes that are available from which you can choose the colors you wish to use. By changing the colors and adding curtains to hide dirt and light, you will find that the design home business becomes quite interesting and fun. After you finish with the fifteen most popular color schemes, you will move on to the next challenge, which consists of a wallpaper border filled with diamonds and holes.

As mentioned previously, you are allowed to use five stars for praise, but only two stars for criticism. This challenge asks that you choose your favorite wall of the question and place a sticker with the critique of the wall on your Facebook profile page. If you are unable to change the wall, you lose one star and need to start over creating a new living room design with five stars. Design Home is a fun and addicting social networking game that will challenge you and help you achieve a professional looking design home.