Furniture Design – The Core Loop of the Design Home Business

Design Home is an interactive touchscreen game in which you literally are given challenges from the start in the form of rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or even outdoor spaces. The game comes with slots for various objects within the room, including couches or tables. You simply touch on them to bring up a selection of items you will need to design the room. You then have to use these objects to match up the color scheme and fill out the rooms in any way you see fit.

Design Home

The premise behind the game is that the aim is to design the most attractive home by filling it with furniture and other items that you fancy. To do so, you need to strategically plan the positioning of the furniture within the rooms. It’s all a matter of balance. Placing too many of one type of item in one room will make that room look cramped while placing too few of another type of item in that same room will make it seem like there’s no balance. In addition to the strategic planning involved in designing rooms in Design Home, you’ll also be faced with balancing the budget as well. That is, you need to make sure that the money you’re spending is offset by the money you earn from selling the furniture in the game.

One of the challenges you’ll face in designing home is balancing the budget and the desire to impress others. You can purchase real life furniture in this game instead of fake versions. It’s all a matter of taste; some people really love contemporary furniture, while others want to recreate a real living room that they have seen in their own lives. The choice is yours.

The Daily Active Users statistic published by comScore tells us how many people play this mobile game. There are billions of users playing this online game. That means there’s a lot of traffic passing through the website on a daily basis. That traffic can’t all be reading your daily Active Users stat as well, so chances are great that your competitors are seeing what you read every single day.

What’s more is that your competitors can see your furniture and can see your social media accounts, too. When you’re competing with your friend or your competitor, you have to realize that both of you are putting a lot of work into these websites. If you want to win the challenge, you have to show that you care more about the success of your furniture company than you do about your social media accounts or your latest fashion statement. The competition can be stiffer when it comes to Design Home because you’re not only fighting for the challenge, you’re also battling for their social media accounts as well. Winning the challenge requires using these social media accounts in a strategic manner, but if you fail to do that, it could mean defeat for the company.

The core loop of the Design Home business involves winning challenges, spreading your expertise, designing unique products for your customers, and providing top notch customer service. While these elements may sound like they go hand in hand, they actually work in different ways. You should consider them all when it comes to winning furniture design contests and living room challenges.