AirBnB – A Real Estate App For The Modern Interior Design Guru

Each and every day, Design Home users come across some very empty rooms. They either choose one, fill it completely with furniture, then submit the entire plan for rating, and move onto the next one on their list. For some, this process is not very exciting. But for those who love fine art and creativity, this is a much more gratifying experience. It can give a great sense of accomplishment when you see your design lovingly transformed into a room that will make any user to enjoy their home.

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One particular service that I love to use whenever I have a large project that I need to get done is AirBnB. With just a simple click of the mouse, I can book a private house for one night, a condo unit for the next weekend, or a vacation rental for a week. A Design Home client may need to stay at a house for a long period of time, or they may simply want to rent out a portion of their own home while they’re on a vacation.

How many hundred millions of people read one recent blog entry about the state of real estate in Las Vegas? Probably a good number of them do, but how many are really living in Las Vegas? That’s the beauty of AirBnB. They can provide thousands of qualified renters with a designer home in the perfect location for their dream vacation or business trip. From that single post, it can read thousand of similar stories like these:

“We did a little bit of homework on airbnb and found it to be an excellent way to rent out a house while you’re on vacation. We found a beautiful house on the beach with perfect ocean views, and everything we needed to decorate it was already in our new home. When we got done decorating, our neighbor and I couldn’t believe how wonderful our house looked. It felt so luxurious and perfectly designed for us.”

While the app is still in testing, AirBnB can provide some useful insights into how others in the same city are using the program to plan their vacations. The realtor who posts on airbnb will be able to share information about amenities, special deals, and other tips for travelers to help them plan trips around the amenities that are offered by the property that is being viewed on the app. The more people who use this app to plan their trips, the more homeowners will be encouraged to rent out properties through the app.

The design home app is currently only available in the U.S., but the real estate professionals who could benefit most from it are soon going to be swamped. The app will enable travelers to book reservations, view property prices, and learn about the current real estate market in Vegas. No longer will busy realtors have to spend hours on end searching through multiple real estate sites to find the perfect property. Now they’ll be able to view listings in real time and get the information they need to make an informed decision. And that decision could mean more opportunities for those who own homes in the area.