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Design Home

Design Home From Home

Design Home is an innovative new mobile application by SocialDeck that invites you to build your own home. Design Home combines traditional games with modern applications to help you achieve your home designing dreams. Design Home is a totally free application that gives you the opportunity to design your dream home, including furniture, lighting, interior, and landscaping. You can use real-world objects like tables, chairs, doors, railings, appliances, walls, and landscaping items to build your home. You can also access high quality furniture on the marketplace to complete your design.

Design Home is the first mobile application by SocialDeck which allows players to engage in imaginative play in real-world home decor and high-end furniture from leading brand names. Experience the thrill of designing your ideal home using a simple mobile interface. Design Home challenges players to design their dream home by applying interior design techniques that they will find in a high-quality home. Enjoy brainstorming with other players as you work towards completing your home design. Express your ideas and concepts in real-world situations where you will interact with other players and engage in exciting real-life interior design challenges.

Design Home offers a unique twist on the classic style of games by making interior design challenges that mirror real-world situations. In one scenario, for example, you are tasked to select between modern and traditional furniture for a living room. Your only short time options include selecting a modern couch with a leather headboard and matching upholstered chairs or an older style of sofa with an intricately carved leg and arm. The next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to see how well you have selected different furnishings by participating in several Design Homes scenarios.

SocialDeck’s version of Design Home is designed to be enjoyed by up to two hundred daily active users who take turns visiting each other’s homes everyday. Players take on the role of a homeowner who must make important decisions regarding the design of their house using only a mobile phone and mouse. SocialDeck uses real-world elements including a mobile market, a craft market and a restaurant to present their daily active users with exciting mobile game scenarios that force them to think out of the box when it comes to designing their home.

A huge number of people play the popular Facebook game FarmVille, but it is also incredibly popular among individuals who play FarmVille and socialize on Facebook. For those who enjoy creating their own virtual farms and gardening systems, Design Home is a fantastic choice for incorporating Facebook elements into a fun and entertaining mobile application. The FarmVille game involves building a simple real estate system that allows players to buy plots of land and plant crops to earn money. The Facebook version requires players to create their own virtual farm by adding buildings and furnishing them with resources. The FarmVille app allows many people to experience the joys of designing their own virtual farm and earning money while they do so.

When using social media sites such as Facebook to connect with friends, it is easy to forget about the rules of conventional real-life relationships, such as those of a living room. Designing your virtual home should be a rewarding experience that encourages interaction among players. Design Home gives players the chance to design their own dream living room through the use of Facebook components. Players can purchase homes and furniture from the home’s marketplace using real money, as well as purchase decorations for the living room through the use of the Facebook Marketplace. Design Home lets players connect and interact with their Facebook friends in a fun and relaxing environment.