Design Homes is A Game That Not Only Lets You Create Your Living Room But Also Exudes Creativity

Design Home is one of Facebook’s most popular challenges, with millions of users trying to build the best houses possible. The site boasts hundreds of different projects, many requiring no prior knowledge of programming. It is easy to get started by creating a design for a house, and the interface can be used in conjunction with third-party applications for anything from planning your garden, to designing a virtual office. Design Home is free to use, but has certain features that may limit your creativity. To get the most from Design Home, review its options section.

Design Home

Design Home allows you to design homes, and other players (seem to be entirely female, according to their avatars) rate them for interior quality, and how well each room functions, which impacts your points total as a designer. It’s simple to make changes to your home in Design Home. The interface allows you to easily switch between different views of your house in different rooms. The interior design category includes categories like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, stairs, and exterior designs, so if you have an interesting idea for an interior change, you’ll have plenty of choices. Once you’ve designed your home in Design Home, you can send it to the community for other homeowners to see and comment on.

Design Home uses a system of votes and points to determine which rooms are the best. For every five stars a room gets, it receives a million daily views. The highest-rated rooms are featured on the main page, while lower rated rooms are shown on a weekly basis. It’s possible to challenge other players to a contest in Design Home, and depending on the level of competition, you might be able to win real-life furniture! While there are currently no plans to add more real life furniture into the game, there are two separate contests that allow you to show off your real life skills: the Daily Design Challenges and the Million Daily Challenges.

As you play throughout the seasons, you accumulate furniture points. These points can then be spent on all kinds of furniture from couches to loo houses. Design Homes allows you to add new furniture to your homes as you play throughout each season. Many people take this concept a step further and actually live in their houses throughout the seasons. This feature has actually been used in several online communities, and now you can use your own Design Home as a virtual living space.

Some designers may not want to create their homes in this way, thinking that it would be too much trouble. Luckily, Design Home gives you a handy tutorial that walks you through the process step-by-step. There are videos showing you how to design your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and everything else in your home. Even those who do not have experience creating virtual furniture will feel comfortable with the process and have a better idea of what they want their living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom to look like when they finish.

Some players may find that they are having problems paying for the furniture, which is fine. Since the game does not require players to pay for purchases, you can save money in this area. Design Homes lets you earn money throughout the course of the game instead of just gaining income from new purchases. The tutorial walkthrough should help you figure out the best strategies to earn money so that you do not have to spend too much money to get access to all of the different areas of your living room interior design.