In App Purchases, Design Home Focuses On Challenges

Design Home

In App Purchases, Design Home Focuses On Challenges

Design Home now a fun, relaxing, engaging activity that enables you to live out your interior decorating talents. Design Challenges put you in the driver’s seat with powerful tools to create a customized living space right on your computer screen. Design Home challenges put you in control by giving you a chance to show off your own style and taste. Design Home challenges let you work from your own imagination and give you the freedom to make your home what you want. Unlock ‘Homes’ on your computer screen to access amazing decor brands, easy-to-use furniture and customization options to build your dream home!

Design Home challenges allow you to show off your creative side and showcase your unique style and taste while getting inspired by the real world around you. Design Home challenges are available for all levels of expertise and offer unlimited design ideas, easy functionality and great deals for one of a kind custom furniture. Get inspired by the items and furniture featured in our catalog and let your imagination run wild creating a space that’s unique and totally out of the ordinary.

Designing a home can be challenging, as most homes do not conform to standard design plans. Melvyn Bragg and Nick Wright set out to do something different when they designed their fantasy home, Galnou (published August 2021 by Thames). The owners wanted something totally out of the ordinary, so they went out and bought a property in Spain – Galnou is located on the Costa del Sol in the Mediterranean Sea, close to the shore of Alicante. What they discovered there was a town full of great cafes and restaurants, as well as being right next to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The owners had two goals when they set out to design their home: they wanted it to have amazing views and to be situated in a great location. They knew they would need a lot of furniture, so they decided to use in-app purchases as their primary method of getting furniture for their dream home. Design Home selected a range of fantastic furniture, including some unusual and out-of-the-box pieces, which they then combined in surprising and clever ways. The result is a real home, with lots of space, which is also furnished in a way which makes spending time at home enjoyable and exciting.

The first challenge they faced was where to get good furniture. The answer to this was simple, as Design Home has used in-app purchases in previous projects such as their amazing kitchen and living room. They researched Spanish furniture suppliers to identify the best ones for their unique style and taste. Once they had found a supplier with a wide choice of high quality furniture, they set about sourcing the raw materials required for construction. The end result was a fabulous array of contemporary and traditional materials, which were assembled in innovative and stylish ways.

The second challenge was to make sure the house had the right kind of atmosphere. This required a whole host of considerations, such as choosing the right flooring and wall coverings. The great thing is that Design Home has used in-app purchases as a major source of inspiration, ensuring they have a fabulous range of interior designs to choose from. They also used Spanish terracotta tiles to create their stunning home points. These are unusual tiles which are made from clay or pottery and have unique qualities which really enhance the beauty of the home.