Real Estate App: Design Home

In Design Home, the player is a master designer presenting the house to be decorated. The goal in the game is not so much about providing a beautiful home – that’s next to impossible, for the real purpose is to make money out of it. The goal is on decoration, the atmosphere, the props. There is no limit to what a player can add to a house. Everything is up to the imagination.

One way to design homes and the environment is to use an app, which is a modification for the Facebook game, Mafia Wars. This app uses the Facebook interface as well as the interface and physics of a game of architecture, simulating the use of a professional interior design company. Designers can add furnishings, rugs, and wallpapers, or change the entire color scheme. They are paid by the time it takes to complete a room, and they can add new rooms, change the rugs and change the wallpaper according to their taste. There is no limit to the creativity of this type of app.

Another version of Design Home is in the form of a puzzle game called West Elm. In the app, players can move and rotate furniture using the stylus, rather than clicking on the screen. Furniture in West Elm is movable, and players can stretch them out if needed. If the player is stuck, they can cut out the part of the furniture that is stuck and move it to another section of the room.

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Design Home tells us about user acquisition, because it provides users with various ways to increase their chances of getting the top positions in the search engine. This tells us that people are looking for a certain thing on the Internet. They look for it in large quantities. They search for it on broad topic areas, rather than one-size-fits-all search terms. When a user searches for the item on Design Home, it tells us that they are looking for homes in the city of West Elm, Missouri, and they have a timeline pinned up of what they are looking for.

Design Home tells us a lot about user acquisition and monetization. The user has options to purchase homes, get an appraisal, search by zip code, and browse categories like interior or landscape. There are also links to realtor web sites where homeowners can list their property. Users might not want to use the app all the time, so they might only want to access it when they are actively searching for a house to decorate.